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This is my photoblog, in which I can share my work in the most free & unconstrained way.

I have created this website to be independent of social media (like instagram in particular), their rules and illogical algorithms, which led to an unacceptable permanent ban because they believed I was a 'bot' due to my involved & sincere interaction with +8000 followers, artists & friends.

About me

In 2015 things started for me discovering the most beautiful 'urban-exploring' photos on the web. 

With a Nikon 3100 and 18/55mm lens - which I some years earlier inherited from my father - I started to visit some of these abandoned places and sites to picture them.

Since 2020 I have started to focus more on other subjects of photography like streetphotography, portraits and nowadays I'm working with a new Canon ES2000D and two lenses (18/55mm & 70/300mm).

I prefer publishing my photos in 'black & white'.

All my work is original, for fun, to explore and to improve. 

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