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Avanhard stadium, Prypiat (Ukraine)

Bijgewerkt op: 16 jul. 2023

I visited Chernobyl on the 30th of march, 2019 with SoloEast Travel ( It was a 'one-day' tour, and all participants were picked up that morning in the center of Kiev.

I remember that day as a very sunny, warm day with a clear blue sky.

Once we passed the security- checkpoints and entered in the 'exclusion zone' at Prypiat. , we were able to see a 'soviet' radar, reactor 4 with the new 'sarcofague', a kindergarten, the ferris wheel, the bumper cars, some buildings and a football stadium.

This abandoned football stadium was never finished due to the terrible disaster there and bears the name "Стадіон" (Avanhard stadium).

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