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Pipelines Petroleum South, Antwerp (Belgium)

Bijgewerkt op: 16 jul. 2023

This area in the south of Antwerp was used as industrial site for the petroleum industry, and was started in 1898. Due to the boom of the petroleum industry there was a great expansion, until many installations were destroyed during the second world war.

In the 1960's the companies moved away and the area remained largelly deserted and polluted.

Afforestation was also created, which is regarded by environmental organsations as a very important natural connection between nature reserve 'Hobokense polder' and the 'green ring' around Antwerp

Since 2016 most of the remaining buildings have been demolished, to create a new destination there for the whole site (business area 'Blue Gate' and a future prison). However, the above-ground pipelines, the pump house and storage tanks, the caretaker's house and the warehouse of the American Petroleum Company have been placed under protection as immovable heritage.

I took the photo of these pipelines there on september 8th 2022.

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